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Tooth Extractions in Falls City

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In the majority of restorative dentistry cases, we work hard to avoid removing your teeth. Unfortunately, not all teeth can be saved. When removing a tooth will benefit your overall oral health, the Kobza Dental team can help. We are happy to offer safe, comfortable tooth extraction services for our patients. We’ll work hard to prevent the need for tooth removal in the first place, but when this is the best treatment option, we’re here for you. Call our Falls City dental team to find out more about restorative dentistry solutions and tooth extractions. We’re always happy to help.

When is Tooth Extraction Necessary?

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In most cases, we will work hard to help you repair your tooth rather than recommending removal, but if retaining the damaged tooth will compromise your oral health, we will extract it. Some of the situations where tooth extraction is recommended include:

  • Severe damage or decay that has destroyed too much of the healthy tooth structure for restoration to be possible
  • Prior to orthodontic treatment, one or more teeth may be removed if the patient struggles with severe crowding
  • During the denture creation and placement process, compromised teeth may be removed to ensure the longevity of your tooth replacement prosthetic
  • Wisdom teeth are the last to erupt, and they are often extracted due to oral health issues like crowding, pain, and impaction (the inability to erupt from the gum line)

How are Teeth Removed?

Animation of tooth extraction process

There are two main methods of tooth removal – pulling and surgical extraction. Pulling a tooth is the ideal situation. It’s possible when a tooth has fully erupted from the gums but has not had time to completely fuse with the supportive bone tissue. We’re able to clasp the tooth and shift it back and forth until it slips away from the underlying gum and bone tissue.

Most tooth extractions are at least partially surgical. We often need to remove a small amount of supportive gum or bone tissue to allow us to safely remove a tooth. If a tooth is impacted, we’ll need to cut away tissue just to reveal the tooth below the surface of the gums. Large teeth often need to be broken into two or more parts to ensure we’re able to safely remove it without damaging surrounding tissue.

Do I Need to Replace Extracted Teeth?

Animation of implant supported dental crown

Not always. Wisdom teeth and teeth that are removed prior to orthodontic treatment don’t usually need to be replaced. Teeth that are extracted prior to denture restoration are removed as part of your tooth replacement plan.

Additionally, if you’ve had one or more teeth removed due to tooth decay or dental trauma, we will likely want to begin your tooth replacement plan right away. We offer both traditional fixed bridge tooth replacement and dental implant supported tooth replacement options.